Adding One More BCS Rule

Right now, there are two debates raging about the BCS. The first is about streamlining the BCS system and only worrying about a title game. I’m torn on that idea, but really don’t care enough either way to debate at this time. The other is this nonsense about an all-SEC National Title game.

Keeping in mind that being an Auburn grad, I am very pro-SEC , let’s look at the sheer idiocy of this concept.

When matching two teams from the same conference with each other, you aren’t creating anything unique for the bowls. In fact, you are re-hashing a debate that has theoretically been settled. One team is the conference champion, the other is not. Do we really need another game that will bring the title of the conference champion into play? This is even more ridiculous when talking about conferences with either a full round-robin schedule or a Conference Championship.

Which bring us to the other issue, How can you be the National Champion when you aren’t even your Conference Champion?

Think on this for a minute. If you aren’t acknowledged as the best team in your conference, how can you be the best team in the nation? You might be the 2nd best team in the nation, but you should be out of consideration for number one.

I propose adding this simple rule:

Teams that are not recognized as their conference’s champion are not eligible for the National Title Game. Teams with no conference affiliation are eligible for the National Title Game.

The BCS title game should match the best two conference champions, maybe permitting the occasional independent into the game if they are good enough. It is already hard enough to accurately compare conferences without taking away this final test.

One last thought…people might THINK that the two best teams reside in the SEC, but if those teams don’t get one more chance to prove SEC “superiority” against outside competition, how can we be sure?

Remember, the true purpose of the National Championship game is to crown an undisputed number one. Having the SEC champion play another conference champion while the other top SEC teams play other opponents is the surest way to achieve that result.


3 thoughts on “Adding One More BCS Rule

  1. The title game should be #2 vs #1, no matter the conference they belong. If it is Alabama vs LSU or in the case of Arkansas beating LSU this weekend, thus propelling Alabama or Arkansas to #1, LSU falling to #2 or #3, and them rehashing it out in the title game, then so be it. This way there is a clear national champion.

    #2 vs #1: the BCS has screwed up college football bad enough.

    • I am on board 95%. When number 1 and number 2 are in the same conference, this is a waste. The conference has crowned a champion. What should happen is that the top 2 conference champs should play. This is meant to prove the widely held opinion that one conference is better than another. We may think that the SEC has the best teams, but as they haven’t beaten everyone, it hasn’t been PROVEN.

      The goal is a consensus National Champion. 95% of the time, this is pitting number 1 against number 2. Every now and then, there is a little more to it. Having two SEC teams play for the title only does one thing, bring back into question who the SEC Champion is.

      I’m sure the fan base of the perceived #2 team would be incensed if left out. I have two thoughts for them. 1) Win the conference thus avoiding being second fiddle. 2) Suck it up. Auburn went undefeated in 2004 and didn’t get a shot. That was a greater crime.

      Of course, this could all be moot. We have two weeks left and anything can happen. Georgia could win out, putting every scenario out the window.

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