Quick Look at the 2012 AL MVP Race

This is a good year for baseball. Infield flies aside, there was a lot of excitement down the stretch in the Pennant Race. To top it off we had the first Triple Crown Winner since 1967.

The strange thing is that people don’t think that Miguel Cabrera is the Most Valuable Player in the American League. They are saying that Mike Trout deserves that honor.

Well, let’s throw the MVPP statistic at this problem and see what happens.

Why The Fuss?

As I was gathering the basic numbers, I was shocked that we were even having this discussion. Look at these facts:

  • Cabrera has more than 50 more RBI’s than Trout
  • Trout only scored 20 more runs than Cabrera. This is important as this seems to be the center of many arguments.
  • Cabrera has 36 more points of OPS
  • Trout has only 6 more points of On-Base Percentage (OBP) more than Cabrera.
  • Cabrera has more hits and less strikeouts than Trout
  • Cabrera and Trout play positions that tend to have the same offensive expectations in this era
  • The Detroit Tigers scored less runs than the Los Angeles Angels this year, making every single one of Cabrera’s runs more important.

One other factor, Cabrera played in 22 more games than Trout. This means that wherever Trout wins in performing at a better rate than Cabrera, the fact that Cabrera played more games makes him more Valuable.

This isn’t postage stamps where the rarity of a stamp increases its value.

When I ran the numbers quickly without taking into account the ballpark or fielding position, it wasn’t even close.

Miguel Cabrera 0.373
Josh Hamilton 0.286
Mike Trout 0.279

Yes, that is Josh Hamilton. He rates higher than Mike Trout in MVPP. There is a chance with the final adjustments that Trout could pass Hamilton, but that won’t change one simple fact….

Miguel Cabrera is clearly the Most Valuable Player of the American League this year.


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