About Pie

For years I’ve ranted to friends and family on various sporting topics. I even threw up a few pages up on the internet expounding on things. However, it was too much work. Now, the only hard part is the content. There is no more uploading of pages and creating links to the new rants/theories.

I am a passionate fan of the Auburn Tigers (War Eagle!) and the Atlanta Braves. Aside from that, and the resultant bias to the SEC and National League, I will try and keep an even keel. You will see more post on those two teams, but I will try and be fair when performing comparisons.


I love comments. Feel free do leave them. Just so you know though, this is my blog and not a democracy. I will let anyone post opposing points of views in the comments. To be approved for viewing, a comment must:

  • Consist of language that I would use around my kids
  • Have something to say and not just be an insult. If you think I am wrong, say so and tell me why.
  • Not be spam.

The last bit of detail…I am not all knowing.


These are sources that I use regularly for data on this blog. This list only consists of services that I have paid for myself. Free data can be generally located in my links.

  • As I use them, I’ll post them.

Disclaimer and Rights

My basic, no questions asked, policy is incorporated in the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License (or you can look at the detailed legal version). Essentially, you can quote me all you like if you give me credit and don’t charge for it. If you are going charge someone to read my quote, get my permission first. I’m pretty agreeable and will probably just want to read what you wrote after publishing.


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