Fixing the Bowl System

The bowl system in college football is broken. Attendance is down this year, many teams lose money when they attend, and there is a perception that there are too many games. When we look at the causes of this problem, they are very simple:

  • The 12 Game Schedule: The addition of a 12th game without increasing the requirement to play in a bowl has both increased and diluted the pool of teams.
  • The BCS: Even before the playoff, the BCS has hurt the bowl system. Only one game impacts the National Championship now. This is good, but it hurts all the other games.
  • ESPN: This may be mean, but having games drag out over 3 weeks for “Capital One Bowl Week” really hurts things. Having to take additional days off from work to attend bowl games is going to drop attendance in games that aren’t as compelling.

This can’t be fixed with just one change. Let’s look at one fix that would go a long way.

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